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Parades of the World

Mardi Gras, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, and the Tournament of Roses are all famous carnival celebrations in America that bring us cheer and celebration. They are among the many that happen each year in the U.S. But, lets take a look at the world stage and see what other countries have just as much fun with these festive events as we do. New Zealand: The Farmers Santa Parade Santa is surely arriving to city in style because large numbers of people are anticipated to attend the yearly farmers Santa parade. Since 1934, this parade kicks off the grand festival Christmas time with live marching music bands, colorful floats and big…
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Mardi Gras: Celebrating New Orleans Culture

This period is marked by celebration, parades and feasting. The parades are held during mid-February. Each day of this fortnight sees more than one extravagant, colorful and joyous parade. In the closing days of the carnival, the number of parades that sets off every day increases. The parades are an occasion for family and friends to dress up bizarre, decorate parade trucks together and enjoy the fantastic carnival. People participating in the parades wear extensive masks and disguises. Parade disguises have evolved over the decades to reflect modern tastes and cultural trends. Mostly, they are members of Krewes, which are clubs that specialize in masking and parading on Mardi Gras.…
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